The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Glitches – Son Of A Glitch – Episode 30

In this Episode, we take an extensive look at some of the Glitches and Tricks in The Wind Waker HD for Wii U, in the longest Son Of A Glitch to date. If a glitch you know of in the Wind Waker isn’t here in this episode, it’s because it was either patched in the HD ver. or somehow I didn’t find out about it.

The Wind Waker HD Glitches –

1. Zombie Hover 0:27
2. Roll Clipping 1:31
3. Pig Glitches 2:26
4. Windfall Island Glitches (Theme, Statue, Random Fall Through Windfall) 3:20
5. Dragon Roost Cavern Trick 4:18
6. Forbidden Woods Leaf Pumping 4:38
7. Forbidden Woods Roll Clip 5:20
8. Pirate Password Skip 5:52
9. Gossip Stone Skip Glitch (Blackout) 6:54
10. Tower Of The Gods Floor 1 Skip 8:06
11. Hyrule Puzzle Skip 9:44
12. Hyrule Fight/ Barrier Skip 10:54
13. Helmaroc King Skip 12:52
14. Earth Temple Tricks 14:27
15. Earth Temple Boss Key Skip 16:21
16. Wind Temple Tricks and Glitches 17:54
17. Ghost Ship Chart L-Slide Clip 19:01
18. Song Of Passing Inside Rocks 20:04
19. Bait Bag Skip 20:19
20. Hyoi Pear Dive 20:44
21. Seagull Inside Outset Island 20:55
22. Back In Time Glitch 21:29
23. Cabana Deed Skip 23:10
24. Sewer Skull Hammer Trick 24:38
25. Hyrule Field Out Of Bounds 24:46
26. Ganon’s Trials Skip 25:34
27. Ganondorf Final Boss Game-breaking Glitch 26:38

Huge credits go to Nap42, Gymnast86, Abahbob, and Cosmo, whose tutorials and run’s really helped make this episode possible, please go and check out there channels –

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Gymnast86 –
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Cosmo –

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