Why The Matrix may be the BEST MOVIE EVER! | Film Legends

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Let’s face it: THE MATRIX is an amazing movie. But is it a FILM LEGEND? It’s full of action, references, and Keanu Reeves, so it very well could be! In this episode, Jacob explores the various aspects of The Matrix to decide if it can in fact contend for the title of Film Legend!

Created by: Jared Bauer, Tommy Cook, Todd Mendeloff & Jacob Salamon
Directed by: Tommy Cook
Written by: Tommy Cook & Kevin Winzer
Narrated by: Jacob Salamon & Kevin Winzer
Designed & Edited by: Kim A. Kruse
Original Music by: David Krystal
Opening Animation by: Danny Rapaport & Luis Vega

Twitter: @MatPatGT
Facebook: facebook.com/GameTheorists
Instagram: instagram.com/matpatgt

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