Tales From Borderlands Full Episode 1 – Zer0 Sum (Full Walkthrough) 4K

Tales From Borderlands Full Episode 1 In 4K UHD – Zer0 Sum (Full Walkthrough)

The episode begins with Rhys walking around in a desert. He calls out for Fiona, claiming that they can work something out. He looks around and sees a mysterious figure appear walking towards him.

Rhys gets knocked out by the man. After regaining consciousness, he realizes that is being dragged through the desert with his torso tied. The kidnapper orders him to start at the beginning of his involvement with the Gortys Project.

Rhys talks about his life at Hyperion, and his friend Vaughn. Rhys claims that Handsome Jack was the baddest guy of them all, and that he wanted to be just like him. Vaughn helps his friend get ready for his supposed promotion by Henderson. Rhys goes inside and is surprised to see Hugo Vasquez is the new boss. Vasquez is ordering a black car from a guy named Jerry before informing Rhys that his promotion is coming. He promotes him to Assistant Vice Janitor and then reveals he threw Henderson out an airlock. Rhys can act threateningly towards Vasquez, which will cause Vasquez to punch him in the face. Regardless of Rhys’ actions, he’ll walk out and tell Yvette and Vaughn about Vasquez’s phone call regarding him buying a vault key and the three decide to go to Pandora to buy the vault key before Vasquez can with Vaughn obtaining the required ten million.

This video includes all cutscenes from the game in our game movie edit format. Has all boss fights, final boss, boss fights, main missions, side missions, full story. It also includes the ending, all endings, secret ending.

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