Tales From Borderlands Full Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged (Full Walkthrough) 4K

Tales From Borderlands Full Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged (Full Walkthrough) 4K

To learn more about the Gortys Project, the group sets off in Fiona and Sasha’s caravan for another Atlas facility. They are attacked, and Rhys and Vaughn fall off the damaged caravan. Rhys and Vaughn are cornered by Vasquez, and they escape with help from Jack and Loader Bot. Fiona and Sasha detour to Hollow Point to have the mechanic Scooter repair the caravan. They visit Felix’s home and discover Felix betrayed them to protect them from August’s boss Vallory. Despite this, Fiona and Sasha must evade Vallory’s thugs and the Vault Hunter Athena to regroup with the others. At the Atlas facility, the group is ambushed by Vasquez and August, who force Fiona and Rhys to construct the Gortys unit. Rhys accidentally triggers the facility’s security, and the player must choose between trusting Fiona or trusting Jack to get Fiona and Rhys to safety.

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