SHANK Prelude All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

SHANK Prelude All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4K 60FPS Ultra HD

Shank and fellow hitman Falcone head to Cassandra’s strip club, which has been overrun by a biker gang. As they arrive she is kidnapped by the biker leaders. Shank and Falcone chase them to a back alley and kill one, leaving the other for Cassandra. The pair then head to a wrestling match that their mob boss Cesar had rigged. The Butcher was supposed to lose the fight, but the wrestler instead decides to defeat his opponent. Shank and Falcone are ordered to teach the Butcher a lesson. Later, Cesar phones the two hitmen and asks them to go and oppose a priest and the members of his congregation. They succeed in kidnapping the priest, Father Gomez, taking him to Cesar and his cousin Angelo. Angelo shoots the priest in the face, much to Shank’s disapproval; he then dons the dead priest’s garments and takes his place in order to make the murder go undetected.

Afterward, Falcone calls Shank about an important hit: the deputy mayor is in town and he must be eliminated. By taking him out, the mob will be able to gain control. Shank and Falcone kill the deputy’s final bodyguard, and are about to take the deputy out when Eva is taken hostage. Suddenly Shank is full of doubt, and is not able to pull the trigger. Rudy Cesar’s personal assistant, kills the deputy mayor, threatening to kill Eva since she’s deemed as a nuisance. Shank quickly dives in front of her and kills him. Realizing they must flee, Eva and Shank drive off into the sunset. The player then hears the voice of Cesar who tells his assassins to find and kill them.

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