Minecraft Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits – BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS

Minecraft in 2019. What world do we discover ourselves in at this time? Well right here we’re none the much less. Minecraft has grow to be the survival recreation all of us dreamed it will after we nostalgically loaded it up for the primary time 10 years in the past. All of that’s unimportant anyway as at this time we’re merely how you can break the sport by duplicating objects leading to a quick an environment friendly approach to get limitless diamonds which is 100% not an exploit…. Well maybe a bit of!

So at this time we ask the last word query of Minecraft! Is Minecraft A Perfectly balanced recreation with no exploits or is it solely balanced if we exclude the somewhat damaged limitless diamond exploits and merchandise duplication. Also why is it that BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS!

What you’ve seen right here at this time is a part of a improbable completely balanced sequence on youtube the place I’m going from recreation to recreation and break them with wacky exploits to realize issues like limitless gold. If you loved this then make sure you try extra. The type is much like RT recreation and callmekevin in elements. A big affect on this sequence has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit again loosen up and revel in this Minecraft problem!
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Exploit Guide –

1. set up auto hotkey – https://www.autohotkey.com/
2. Download the customized working script made by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqxqWzIf3M9iqkPrOuYFUlg

Link: https://rg.to/file/dc7263df4fd7140a84e328a60de0bfe4
3. Start the script
4. Enter minecraft
5. Make a double chest, then put 2 single chests. In the double chest we’ll put a setup of all of the books to dupe, in a single single chest we’ll stack the remaining books we have to activate the dupe and within the final one we’ll retailer the objects we need to dupe. But first, do NOT retailer any objects in any respect.
6. After establishing the chests you will have 54 books, of which you’ll make the next:

*In every guide you need to put the random characters. Remember we activated the script, when you didnt, you possibly can boot it after launching the sport, the order doesn’t matter in any respect, the script will nonetheless work.
*To routinely sort the characters you need to open the guide, then put your mouse over the subsequent web page arrow after which maintain down the keys “control + alt + shift” after which press down both f5 or f9, all on the identical time. So you possibly can both do ctrl+alt+shift+f5 or ctrl+alt+shift+f9, however do not forget that the f5 and f9 outcomes aren’t the identical, so you will have to press every mixture for every sort of guide you need to make, which i’ll record beneath

*Make the next books
(no quotations wanted)
-10 books referred to as “1” (f5)
-10 books referred to as “2” (f9)
-10 books referred to as “3” (f5)
-10 books referred to as “4” (f9)
-7 books referred to as “5” (f5)
-7 books referred to as “6” (f9)

7.After having all of the 54 books named and signed and with the correct contents you need to then proceed to place then on this sample into the double chest. (double chests are 9 squares lengthy and 6 squares tall) (The X represents an empty slot within the chest)


8.From this level, that is the max you need to maintain within this chest, as a result of everytime you fill in these X squares with the books referred to as “6” the chunk wont save, so now, leaving these X slots empty, put the objects you need to dupe in one of many single chests and stack all of the books referred to as “6” within one other single chest. Then save and give up. When you enter the sport, every part can be saved as it’s, and you’ll nonetheless modify the chunk and modifications can be saved, so now its time to behave. Take the books which can be referred to as 6 and put them within the remaining slots. Then take out all of the objects you need to dupe. Then save and give up. When you enter once more, it’ll all be again to regular, similar to earlier than, the chest will nonetheless have the objects you simply duped, and the books referred to as 6 can be again within the single chest. So this implies you possibly can simply repeat this course of as many occasions as you need, so long as you do as i mentioned.

Title: Minecraft Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits – BOOKS = UNLIMITED DIAMONDS

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