STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The Movie – Episode VI: Onslaught 【Sith Inquisitor】

► Played & Edited by Yic @

► Sith Inquisitor – All Episode Links:

– Episode 1: Legacies of Old @
– Episode 2: Rise of the Emperor @
– Episode 3: Legend of the Outlander @
– Episode 4: War for the Eternal Throne @
– Episode 5: Gods From The Machine @
– Episode 6: Onslaught @

► STAR WARS: The Old Republic – The Complete Series (All Classes) @

Follow the above playlist for all the existing STAR WARS: The Old Republic movies.

► Description:

You are watching my STAR WARS: The Old Republic movie series Sith Inquisitor edition. This is EPISODE 6 covering the story of Onslaught expansion. As always in this movie series, this video will feature all the cutscenes and story related gameplay parts such as boss fights in order to create a seamless storytelling so you can enjoy its story like watching a movie. Meanwhile cutting out any unnecessary parts such as loading/menu screens, grinding, exploring, failed attempts etc. The end result is so you can enjoy the full story of Onslaught expansion as a movie!

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