STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed 2 The Movie (Cutscenes Only) 4K 60FPS

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed 2 The Movie (Cutscenes Only) 4K 60FPS

At an Imperial facility on the planet Kamino, Darth Vader observes the training of a renegade clone of his former apprentice Starkiller, whom Vader considers a failure in his quest to create a perfect apprentice.[6] After a vision of Vader killing him due to his inability to kill a test droid, which had taken the form of the original Starkiller’s love interest, Juno Eclipse, the clone makes his escape, eliminating stormtroopers and other enemies in his path, eventually fleeing Kamino aboard Vader’s personal ship and embarking on a quest to understand his identity and find Juno.[6][4] Unbeknowst to him, Vader hires the bounty hunter Boba Fett to capture Juno, in order to lure Starkiller out of hiding.[9]

Starkiller arrives on the Imperial-controlled planet Cato Neimoidia to rescue Rahm Kota, the original Starkiller’s blind Jedi mentor, who is being forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena to the death by the planet’s ruler, Baron Merillion Tarko. Starkiller is welcomed by Tarko at arrival, but the Baron soon becomes suspicious and dispatches numerous Imperial forces to kill him, whom Starkiller slaughters as he makes his way to the arena. A desperate Tarko unleashes his strongest beast, the Gorog, to kill both him and Kota, but it escapes its untested restraints and destroys the entire arena, devouring Tarko in the process, before grabbing Kota as they both fall off the platform they are standing on. Starkiller jumps after them and manages to rescue Kota and kill the Gorog, before the pair are saved by the Rogue Shadow, the original Starkiller’s ship, which remained in Kota’s possession after his death.

Upon learning that Starkiller is a clone, Kota claims that true Jedi can’t be cloned, and asks him to join the Rebel Alliance, but Starkiller declines, as he is interested only in finding Juno. Upon dropping Kota off, Starkiller seeks to learn more about his identity and past, and feels compelled by the Force to visit Dagobah. After a brief encounter with former Jedi Grandmaster Yoda (whom Starkiller doesn’t recognize), he enters a cave and experiences several strange visions, learning that Juno is in trouble aboard her ship, the Rebel cruiser Salvation.[13] Leaving Dagobah, Starkiller picks Kota up and they both go to meet with the Rebel fleet at Nordra, only to find most of the Salvation’s crew dead and the vessel swarming with Imperial forces. After an encounter with the original Starkiller’s training droid PROXY, who informs him that the Empire has captured Juno, Starkiller makes his way to the hangar, only to witness Juno being taken away by Boba Fett to Kamino.

After clearing the Salvation of Imperial forces and defeating a massive droid called “Terror Walker” before it could destroy the ship’s power core, Starkiller reunites with Kota and PROXY and convinces the former to assert his authority as a commander and order an all-out assault of Kamino. However, the Empire, having anticipated the attack, activates a defensive shield around the planet, forcing Starkiller to crash the Salvation through the shield once everyone evacuates. As Kota and his men stage a ground assault, Starkiller makes his way to Vader, who reveals numerous failed Starkiller clones and commands them to attack him. Starkiller fights Vader, killing all the clones, but the latter threatens Juno’s life to force Starkiller to obey him. After Juno attempts to fight back, Vader throws her out a window. Believing that Juno is dead, an enraged Starkiller defeats Vader, severing his right hand and subduing him with Force Lightning, just as Kota and his men arrive. Vader tries to goad Starkiller into killing him, but Kota reasons that they need him alive, to reveal the Empire’s secrets, before he can be punished in accordance with the law.

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