Azrael Tries To Become The New Batman (Batman Arkham Knight) Heir To The Cowl 4K UHD

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Azrael Tries To Become The New Batman (Batman Arkham Knight) Heir To The Cowl 4K UHD

Heir to the Cowl is a Most Wanted mission in Batman: Arkham Knight. It serves as a sequel to the Most Wanted mission in Arkham City: Watcher In The Wings. After completing the sidemission, the challenge “Azrael’s Atonement” becomes available to play.

Azrael cannot be met until Alfred mentions that a GCPD helicopter spotted a burning Bat-symbol on a rooftop on Miagani Island. The first phase can be found on the map, however rest of them require finding the Bat-symbol in Gotham City. Azrael wants to follow in Batman’s footsteps, and to become Batmans’ successor if he retired or died.

Every phase, save the last, is a combat challenge, in which you play as Azrael, whose fighting style is largely identical to Batman’s style. If Azrael suffers any form of damage, the challenge ends. The challenges get more difficult, starting with simple regular thugs, and the final challenge consists only of Combat experts. After each challenge, Alfred gives more information about Azrael to Batman, including his real name.

After completing the final challenge, Batman tells Azrael to wait for his decision. Azrael protests that he is ready now and there is no decision to be made, but is dismissed by Batman. Immediately afterwards, Alfred informs Batman about an anomaly in neural scan of Azrael. Batman investigates the anomaly on the Clock tower computer, and finds a microchip, used to plant fake memories. The chip has a message in which the leader of the Order of Saint Dumas informs Azrael to seek out Batman’s approval. While Alfred sounds pleased, Batman watches the video one more time, having noticed symbols similar to the ones Azrael left behind back in Arkham City. Scanning them all reveals another secret message; this time telling Azrael to kill the Batman after getting his approval. Azrael enters the clock tower, and is presented with multiple options.

00:00 – Intro Song
00:12 – Heir To The Cowl
18:46 – Outro Song – Uprising – Fernando Zamora

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