Red Hood Kicks Black Mask Out A 3rd Floor Window (Batman Arkham Knight) 4K UHD

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Red Hood Kicks Black Mask Out A 3rd Floor Window (Batman Arkham Knight) 4K UHD

ason Todd was still killing but now only to criminals as the Red Hood after the global revelation of Batman’s identity as Bruce Wayne. He killed Killer Moth. Jason then hunted down Black Mask and slowly took down his gang, always leaving one member for interrogation (before shooting them, too). Jason learns of Black Mask’s hideout at the docks. He enters the building (involving kicking the door down and taking out the four entrance guards in a matter of seconds) and proceeds to wipe out the goons in the room. Black Mask is alerted to his presence, and barges in with backup, stating Red Hood made “a big mistake comin’ here”. After dispatching the goons, and sufficiently weakening and beating Black Mask down, Jason picks him up and slams him against one of the rooms large windows while telling the crime lord that he should have left Gotham when he had the chance. Black Mask begs for his life, offering “Drugs, Guns, anything you want” but makes the rookie mistake of saying he’ll go “Anywhere you want! Anywhere!” So, instead of imprisoning Black Mask, Jason suggests “How ’bout you go to Hell?” and proceeds to forcefully kick him out of the 3-story window onto the street (and possibly a passing car as a beeping horn is heard around the impact sound). Jason then quips: “Say hi to Joker for me.”

00:00 – Intro Song
00:12 – Red Hood
08:02 – Outro Song – Uprising – Fernando Zamora

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