Batman Knocks Out Deathstroke (Batman Arkham Knight) 4K UHD

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Batman Knocks Out Deathstroke (Batman Arkham Knight) 4K UHD

Deathstroke and his two allies planned to make Gotham into a city of fear on Halloween Night. Deathstroke stood by most of the night watching and even witnessed the Arkham Knight fail to beat Batman with the Cloudburst. After that, Scarecrow put Deathstroke in charge of the Arkham Knight’s Militia and continued his own personal war against Batman. He also assumed the role of overseeing his campaign against Mr. Freeze if Batman didn’t help Freeze. After Batman took down the entire militia, Deathstroke confronted him with his own personal tank. Batman engaged Deathstroke and destroyed his tank. As Batman left the Batmobile and approached in an attempt to apprehend him, Deathstroke leaped from his tank, sword in hand, and attempted to kill him. Instead, Batman caught Deathstroke out of the air after ejecting from the Batmobile, slammed him into the street, knocked him out with a massive strike to the chin, and took him to the GCPD Lockup. Upon regaining consciousness, Deathstroke declared that since Batman had earned his respect, he would dedicate the rest of his life to killing him and that he’d do it for free. When Deathstroke was sent into the holding cell after the other prisoners, he then told Batman that it was a mistake to place him in there, as he might end up being the only prisoner when he got back (which implied that he probably would kill them all), although his overall casual demeanor afterwards suggested that he had decided against it.

After Batman’s identity as Bruce Wayne was exposed, Deathstroke told Batman that he didn’t care who he was under the mask. All that mattered to him was that the kill.

00:00 – Intro Song
00:12 – Deathstroke
12:55 – Outro Song – Uprising – Fernando Zamora

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