Killer Croc Gets Tortured (Batman Arkham Knight) Beneath The Surface 4K UHD

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Killer Croc Gets Tortured (Batman Arkham Knight) Beneath The Surface 4K UHD

Nightwing has discovered that the Iron Heights Penitentiary airship has crashed landed in Gotham Bay and he notifies Batman. Batman arrives to rescue any injured guards and prevent any prisoners from escaping. Batman enters the ship, only to find it destroyed, and in flames. Batman encounters Prison Officer Griscelli, whose leg has been broken. Griscelli tells Batman that Killer Croc has escaped his cell, and is leading a prison riot in an attempt to escape.

Batman then ventures out to save any remaining guards. He finds Prison Officer Burfitt trapped under rubble and saves him. Burfitt tells Batman that Warden Ranken is also trapped somewhere nearby. After Batman saves the warden, Killer Croc appears, slaps Batman with his newly grown tail, and kidnaps the warden. Batman then tells Nightwing to immediately head to his location. Nightwing arrives just in time to help Batman fight off many of the inmates.

After defeating the prisoners, Batman learns that Croc has taken the warden to the lower level of the ship. He finds the locked access door asks Prison Officer Blackburn how to open it. He is told that it is a two-man system that requires top security clearance. The only two men with such clearance parachuted out when the riot started. Batman tells Nightwing to go to GCPD Headquarters and put the prisoners in holding cells and get the guards to safety.

00:00 – Intro Song
00:12 – Beneath The Surface
18:49 – Outro Song – Uprising – Fernando Zamora

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