Jango Fett Defeats Mandalorian Montross (Star Wars Bounty Hunter) 1080p 60FPS

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Jango Fett Defeats Mandalorian Montross (Star Wars Bounty Hunter) 1080p 60FPS

Ten years prior to the events of Attack of the Clones, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious orders his apprentice, Darth Tyranus, to put a bounty of 5,000,000 Republic Credits on the head of the Dark Jedi Komari Vosa, Tyranus’ former pupil-turned-leader of the infamous crime syndicate Bando Gora, whom Sidious views as a threat to his future plans. Meanwhile, Jango Fett arrives on the Outland Station to capture wanted gangster Meeko Ghinte. Despite losing his jetpack, he steals a new one and fights his way through Meeko’s henchmen, eventually capturing Meeko and turning him in for the bounty on his head. Following this, Tyranus contacts Jango to inform him about the bounty on Vosa’s head, and he agrees to the hunt, despite his Toydarian friend Rozatta’s warnings about the Bando Gora.

Learning that the Bando Gora are shipping large quantities of narcotics called death sticks, Jango travels to Coruscant to capture death stick dealer Jervis Gloom. After he reveals his sources to him, Jango heads to a processing plant operated by the gangster Groff Haugg, only to find that he has already been interrogated and killed via carbonite freezing by Jango’s longtime rival, Montross, who is also hunting Vosa. After a brief fight with Montross, who flees, Jango learns that Twi’lek Senator Connus Trell is involved in the death stick smuggling operation and interrogates him in his penthouse. Trell tells Jango to seek the Dug crime lord Sebolto on Malastare before he throws him to his death. A Republic gunship then attacks Jango, but he destroys it.

Rozatta informs Jango that Sebolto is offering a 50,000 credits reward for the capture of his former employee Bendix Fust, who sold him out after his imprisonment at the asteroid prison Oovo IV. Believing this to be the best way to get to Sebolto, Jango infiltrates Oovo IV in an attempt to break out Fust, only to run into another bounty hunter, Zam Wesell, who is also after Fust. The two form a reluctant alliance to escape from the prison and stage a riot, but Jango’s beloved, the Jaster’s Legacy, gets destroyed in the process. He, Wesell, and Fust resort to escaping aboard another ship, which Jango dubs the Slave I, and destroy the prison’s hangar to prevent being pursued. Elsewhere, Montross realizes that Haugg gave him a false lead, but hears of the prison riot at Oovo IV and concludes it was Jango’s doing, so he follows him to Malastare.

Jango and Wesell arrive on Malastare to deliver Fust to Sebolto, who attempts to flee upon realizing Jango’s true intentions, only to fall to his death down a pipe into his own death stick factory. Venturing through the factory, Jango comes across some Bando Gora members, who are guarding a supply ship. After killing them, he inspects the ship and finds Huttese markings on it, implying that the Hutts are also involved in the death stick distribution rig. Montross then ambuses Jango again, while taunting him over his adoptive father’s, Jaster Mereel, death and the disastrous Battle of Galidraan, where Jango’s Mandalorian forces were slain by a Jedi ambush. Jango is defeated, but escapes with Wesell’s help.

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