Instant Regret! A Commercial 100 TIMES WORSE Than Gillette & Blame Backlash On “Trolls”

I do not know what to say, this advert must be so sickening to Scandinavian of us, heck even I’m indignant about it Clips from my good friend arch warhammer-

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Resident Evil 3 Remake – The S.T.A.R.S Have Aligned (OMGH)

The anticipated Resident Evil Three remake has been revealed eventually in a scorching new trailer. What goes properly with a scorching new trailer? A tepid response video!

I’ve a sense this recreation shall be unimaginable, primarily based on Capcom’s current output. They’re kinda killing it.

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I Hate The Word ‘Consumer’ (The Jimquisition)

I do not just like the phrase “client.”

Words have energy, and even when two phrases imply the identical factor, the historical past and implications connected can have a refined impact on how we course of them.

In at this time’s video, I clarify a number of the baggage carried by the phrase “client,” and why I’ve phased out my very own utilization of the phrase in favor of others when describing the game-buying public. While some might contemplate this to be splitting hairs, I had plenty of enjoyable explaining my stance in at this time’s video, and I hope you discover it fascinating!

With because of Conrad Zimmerman and Evil Uno… Join the Dark Order!

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I Am Jesus Christ – Wait Until You See Priest Simulator (OMGH)

I Am Jesus Christ has turned quite a lot of heads for being an obvious Son of God simulator. Wander as Jesus and do first-person miracles? Fight Satan? Walk on water? I’m in.

Then there’s Priest Simulator, which we have a look at within the latter finish of the video. Whoever PlayWay S.A. are, they’ve some weird stuff underneath their umbrella.

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The You Testament footage:

Half-Life: Alyx – Excited? Disappointed? Both Reactions Are Valid (OMGH)

Half-Life: Alyx marks the announcement of the primary Half-Life sport in 10,000 years. The announcement acquired a blended response however the trailer has seen Valve fairly simply forgiven for all its sins. In equity, the sport seems nice.

It seems nice, and I’ll not play it, as a result of VR simply is not my factor in any respect. There has been some continued disappointment from sure folks, and that disappointment has been mocked by others. I do not assume that is significantly honest.

If you are excited for Half-Life: Alyx, that is implausible. If you feel let down, that is comprehensible. Both reactions, I believe, are completely legitimate.

An important article on VR accessibility:

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In Theory, COPPA is an efficient factor. The drawback is the way it’s being rolled out and enforced to completely fallacious and damaging. Instructions To Fight Back In Pinned Comment!


Sonic The Hedgehog New Movie Trailer – The Redesigned Sonic Is Less Ghoulish (OMGH)

Paramount dropped a model new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog film, which is now slated for a 2020 launch. Gloves, larger eyes, extra cartoonish throughout, I nonetheless assume he is a bit unsettling, however nowhere close to as dangerous.

Still, simply goes to indicate the energy of the artistic imaginative and prescient behind it, that they are prepared to fully rebuild him after it bought a couple of days of mockery!

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Proof Youtube STEALING Money From Creators They Demonetize!

This complete system is absolutely falling aside on the finish of the 12 months. Youtube is among the finest issues that has ever occurred to me as a creator/individual however wow does it want a great deal of assist.


The WORST Adpocalypse Yet Is 55 Days Away! Massive Drops & Fines For Creators COPPA Coming

Well, simply when issues begin going good right here on Youtube you get smacked within the junk once more. Please contemplate becoming a member of as a member to your favourite channels. My hyperlink is under. Thank You If You Join!

The Well Deserved Demise of Kotaku

Kotaku (and lots of different gaming media websites) have devolved over the previous few years to a real all-time low stage of propagandist agenda-driven private outrage protection.

With the brand new coverage set forth by G/O Media, and fairly assuming it’s prolonged to Kotaku… we will see a fearful scrambling happen in real-time as writers understand they could really should do the job that each their employer and viewers count on… fairly than shout their very own agenda at uninterested readers.











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Youtube LEAKS Channel Ratings Used To Suppress Content!

This is a reasonably fascinating story. I’ve recognized about P-Score for a really very long time by way of promoting however a few of this different stuff is fairly dangerous. Optimus’s Video!

Enchanted Portals – A Shockingly Brazen Cuphead Ripoff? (OMGH)

Enchanted Portals is a recreation that is discovered itself getting plenty of consideration… not essentially for the appropriate causes. Or possibly they ARE the appropriate causes. Who even is aware of?

Basically, it mimics not simply the artwork model, however all the gameplay of Cuphead, and everybody has seen as a result of it is unimaginable to NOT discover. Quite what the builders are hoping for with this brazen conduct is past me. I do not even know what to make of it.

It’s clearly ripping off Cuphead, but it surely took a ton of effort and makes use of totally authentic characters, so it is nearly unfair to say it is “simply” a rip-off. But it’s. But it kinda is not? Or is it? Yes. No. WEIRD!

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Flowers Are Dead – The Worst Trailer Of All Time For The Worst PS4 Game Ever (OMGH!)

Welp, they’ve completed it once more! The weirdos at Sony have completed it once more. The official PlayStation YouTube channel put up a trailer for this PS4 unique, Flowers Are Dead, and the entire thing is amazingly dreadful.

The trailer is the worst method to promote a sport you might think about, made worse by the truth that it is actually reflective of the ultimate product, which is even worse. A complete *nothing* sport that nonetheless prices $19.99, it is a greater misfire than when Sony promoted Life of Black Tiger.

At least you might DO one thing in Life of Black Tiger. This is… how? How has this occurred?

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Marvel’s Avengers – Hammering On The New Gameplay (OMGH)

Right, time to close up and watch the brand new gameplay demo for Marvel’s Avengers, as printed by Square Enix.

Watch Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk “Doctor Fantastic” Hogan, and Tony The Iron Stark struggle Taskmaster whereas ruining a bridge!

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Blair Witch – Let’s Chat About Found Footage (OMGH)

Let’s check out the most recent trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch sport, and use it as an excuse to talk briefly about discovered footage motion pictures!

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Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2019 Gameplay – Honestly I’m Underwhelmed (OMGH)

I get it, contrarian Sterling would not like something. Get it out of your system.

But truthfully, the dizzying audiovisual saturation that’s Final Fantasy VII Remake is not getting a lot of a response from me regardless of (or perhaps due to) my love for the unique.

Latter day Square Enix overeggs the chips.

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