MASSIVE Delays: The Cyberpunk 2077 Death March, FF7 & MORE | Sony Come To PC + Valve!

Delays have hit the business exhausting with quite a few key titles impacted! Index is promoting like loopy, Japan is likely to be getting an enormous evil in the case of controlling residents habits, and extra, with torrent advertising, Son coming to PC, and much more!
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KEY Talent Is FLEEING Activision-Blizzard: Destroyed By Corporate Greed & Hubris

The is within the grips of a expertise disaster, with a number of big-name casters and analysts leaping ship one after one other. But, with the League’s first regional season solely weeks away and expertise dropping like flies, the query is: why?

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to epic…

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Dafran criticises OWL casters…
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OWL analysts transfer to casting function for season 3

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Epic’s Battle Against Steam Just Got INTENSE: Numbers Revealed As Epic DOUBLES DOWN…

The Store has formally been a part of our lives, for higher or worse, for a full yr. To have a good time Epic are displaying off some numbers, and fairly spectacular ones at that. Let’s discuss how these numbers got here to be, and importantly: what they imply for us.


Epic Continuing Free Games

VG247 writeup – third occasion spending and free video games to proceed in 2020

Tim Sweeney quotes @ GameDaily… – $680m in participant spending

2019 in Review

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Activision, You Fools… | Blizzard Abandon Their Legacy, Reviews Gone WRONG & MORE | ROUNDUP

unveils a tasteless pores and skin bundle, boot their RTS legacy out of Blizzcon, discover monetary independence by way of , plus extra!
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How The Struggle For YOU Is Changing Gaming | The New Platform War

Billions of {dollars} are being poured into providing you with an unimaginable deal: it will probably solely go on for thus lengthy: will change.
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NO WOMEN: Devs, Journalists & Gamers CLASH Again – My Take On This Mess

, the newest Twitch craze, has been making headlines. First, headlines had been celebrating and explaining its meteoric rise during the last week. Shortly after, effectively, issues acquired messy when the builders tried to defend solely having male playable characters, and the media went to city.

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[Escape From , A 2-Year-Old War Game, Is Suddenly The Biggest Thing On Twitch](
[Escape From Tarkov Developers Say Adding Playable Women Would Be A ‘Huge Amount Of Work’](
[Escape from Tarkov creator gives terrible excuse for not including playable female characters – The Verge](
[Escape From Tarkov devs say they respect female soldiers, still won’t add them to the game – Polygon](
[Escape from Tarkov Interview – A Truly Hardcore First Person Shooter Due in 2016](
[Escape From Tarkov – Twitch statistics, channels & viewers – SullyGnome](
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EA Pull A 180 On Game Development!? Anthem & RagTag’s Killer Problem STOPPED By Respawn

This is an enormous one: just about spoke to why failed, redoubled on narrative video games, and have despatched ’s CEO – over to LA: ideally, to work that magic once more.


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They WON! At OUR Expense… Scale of F2P EXPOSED | Activision 180, Witcher’s Incredible Win + MORE

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50% DROP: Stadia’s Players DECIMATED In 2020 | The Facts Google WON’T Confront

’s playerbase has taken a pointy fall since launch. Who is aware of why? themselves may, however they will by no means admit it.

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YouTube FINALLY Changed The Rule | Riot Finally Got Caught Out, Next Gen CONFUSION & MORE

Tons to speak about at the moment with , , and the nex gen consoles!
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Stadia Just Took Even MORE! EA’s BILLION Gamers, Blizzard Seem Shook After Blitzchung, Valves WIN

suppose game-streaming will herald a billion extra gamers, ’s retailer is performing up, RDR2 lastly hits , and an entire load extra.
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Gamers Have SPOKEN: The Anti Player BS Has LOST | Can EA Learn?

Jedi: Fallen Order is a refreshingly ‘regular’ sport – one thing that feels rarer and rarer, as extra corporations chase dwell service income.

Fallen Order Breaks Data
Need To Maintain Telling The Story
Dan’s Tweet

UK Gross sales Charts

UK Charts 23/11/19 – COD: Modern Warfare reclaims the top spot from Pokémon Sword & Shield

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Cut OUT: CD Projekt Red Took Matters Into Their Own Hands | Future Of Game Discourse

As media grows, extra corporations are selecting to go on to their most devoted clients, fostering a better connection between developer and participant. The openness & transparency is fantastic, nonetheless, as with all issues, it might be a double-edged sword.

Hyperlink to Q&A recap:

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ONLY 1.5% Of Players On Stadia! Numbers Revealed As Google Blames DEVS! $1.4M MMO Heist & MORE!

It’s roundup time! We’ve acquired schadenfreude, our Overloards getting stronger, the $1.4M greenback Justice On-line character, plus a bunch extra!
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Stadia Has Just Been KILLED | Google Have NO Chance Against This.

Seems hubris, questionably true claims, and a elementary misunderstanding of your viewers does not result in success.
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Valve Are BACK: Half Life Alyx Is Only The Start… | Ex-BioWare Lead Admits Big Problem | MORE

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[ rumored to release in November 2020 for $499, according to new leak | GamesRadar+](

[GOG GALAXY 2.0 updates and known issues – GOG.COM SUPPORT CENTER](

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