WWE 2K20 Literally Doesn’t Work In The Year 2020

In a tremendous feat of awfulness, WWE 2K20 actually would not work within the 12 months it is named after. As a 2020 celebratory deal with, this horrible wrestling sport has absolutely damaged down.

It appears that 2K20’s inner clock simply cannot deal with the swap from one decade to a different. Because of COURSE it could’t.

Already a legend for its bugs and breakages, WWE 2K20 has kicked off one other decade of sport trade nonsense with wonderful type and beauty. And it is nonetheless the sport WWE, as a wrestling enterprise, deserves.

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T6O32NIFgo

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Fallout 76 Players Were Getting Remotely Robbed By Hackers This Week

Just in time for the Christmas season, Fallout 76 gamers had been being remotely robbed by unscrupulous gamers. The exploit SEEMS to have been mounted now, although murmurs nonetheless persist.

Just earlier than Christmas Eve, Bethesda needed to acknowledge the stealing of complete inventories. The hacks had been distant and the thieves incognito, and it seems as if misplaced stock gadgets at the moment are gone eternally.

With only some days left till the tip of the yr, can this actually be the ultimate Fallout 76 screwup of the last decade? One hopes.

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/12/24/fallout-76-hackers-wiped-out-players-inventories/

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Fallout 76 Patch Breaks Armor And Weapons In A Typically Stupid Way

I virtually need to say I do not consider it, nevertheless it’s Bethesda so I can certainly consider we’ve information of one more Fallout 76 downside.

This is one in every of Bethesda’s extra basic shows of ineptitude: a patch that is meant to sort things however breaks stuff in a wildly ridiculous means. It’s a staple of the corporate’s buffoonery.

With a latest replace, individuals who reload their weapons might discover their armor’s stats reducing.

It could be comprehensible if this occurred to each firm, or it wasn’t so frequent, however Bethesda hasn’t been capable of do ANYTHING proper with this sport. It reached the realm of farce way back, and it is simply stored on going well past that line.

Sources: https://www.kotaku.co.uk/2019/12/11/new-fallout-76-bugs-are-making-armour-weak-and-weapons-brittle

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WWE 2K20 Is The Cheap Broken Crap That WWE Deserves

WWE 2K20 has barely been out per week and its awfulness is already legendary. Broken past perception and laden with bugs, even when 2K20 is at its finest it is nonetheless an unsightly, low cost, nasty waste of cash.

It is, nonetheless, an ideal illustration of the property it is primarily based upon. WWE is, itself, relatively low cost and damaged and nasty, so that is very a lot the sport it deserves. Shame it isn’t the one anyone paying for it deserves.

Hilarious glitch footage:

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Fallout 76’s New Premium Subscription Service Is Horribly Broken Because Of Course It Is

Fallout 1st, the brand new premium subscription service for Fallout 76, is damaged. Of course it’s. Bethesda cannot do something – ANYTHING – with out screwing it up.

The marketed “non-public worlds” usually are not non-public as marketed. The limitless scrap field will not be storing scrap, however EATING it. People have paid a $100 annual charge to be actively screwed over and never get what they paid for.

Sometimes I chortle at Bethesda’s incompetence. Sometimes it is too pathetic to be humorous. Today is among the much less amusing days.

Sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/dm9q59/unofficial_but_comprehensive_bug_roundup_patch/

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FIFA 20 Is A Shitshow: Data Leaks, Broken Modes, Scam Ports

FIFA 20 has been just about a debacle because it launched, and I figured we might do a roundup of the assorted nightmares.

First of all, an information breach leaked private data of gamers signing up for a contest. Secondly, FIFA 20’s profession mode is a damaged mess. Third, the Switch model is mainly a con.

What a time to be alive!

Sources: https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/03/fifa-20-global-series-personal-info-ea-privacy/

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Stay Away from Wolfenstein: the Freedom Chronicles DLC (Stream Clips) – Unlimited Replay

I streamed Wolfenstein: The Freedom Chronicles DLC and wow. Here’s a fast little video displaying why ought to skip the DLC utterly. So benefit from the mini overview/warning. Subscribe, like, and luxuriate in!
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A Post-Nuclear Post-Mortem Of Fallout 76 (The Jimquisition)


Fallout 76 is a cautionary story for an business that workout routines no warning in any respect. A wake-up name for an business that is still asleep on the wheel.

Bethesda’s damaged, unfinished, poorly acquired foray into the “stay service” enviornment has been a neverending carnival of humiliating nonsense. A advantageous instance of what occurs while you play to none of your strengths for the sake of ill-gotten beneficial properties.

With a giant iron on our hips, let’s check out the embarrassing, baffling, and sometimes humorous mess that’s Fallout 76!

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YouTube Is Punishing Content Creators For Comments Left On Their Videos

YouTube is dealing with a scandal of kid exploitation on its service, particularly concerning disturbingly inappropriate feedback left on movies containing minors.

Because YouTube is a damaged mess, they cannot simply take care of the issue by taking out the trash. Instead, they’ve but once more discovered a solution to punish all people and switch a YouTube drawback into an all people drawback.

YouTube channels are getting demonetized on account of a YouTube kneejerk, even when the movies are positive AND the remark part moderated. And no, we do not know the way badly it will get abused as soon as commenters notice how a lot energy this provides them.

YouTube’s remark part has at all times been a large number, however it’s a large number YOUTUBE needs to be accountable for. Moderation instruments on the uploader finish are ineffective.

You can actually do every little thing proper and YouTube will nonetheless punish you. Amazing.

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GAMEBREAKING GLITCH – Double Perk Stats Double Attack Speed – Fallout 76

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SCP-1461 – House of the Worm : Object Class – Euclid : Eldritch SCP

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SCP-1461 – House of the Worm : Object Class – Euclid : Eldritch SCP

Item #: SCP-1461

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-6 has been constructed round SCP-1461. Task Force Lambda-30 (“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”) is on everlasting task to strengthen Site-6 safety. Any uncommon exercise from SCP-1461 is to be reported to on-site Level four supervisors, who will implement A4-7 Daybreak procedures at their discretion (see Site-6 customary procedures information). Any operatives coming into SCP-1461 needs to be fitted with full NBCA (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Anomalous) safety and █████ escorts. SCP-1461 is taken into account a high-priority goal for the group often known as the ██████ of the Broken ███, who’ve made ██ makes an attempt to breach Site-6 and entry SCP-1461 since 19██.

Music by Firefox (composed by him particularly for this channel, many thanks!)
Artist: https://soundcloud.com/fire-fox-3
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Extinction – It Stinks, Son! (Jimpressions)

Developer: Iron Galaxy
Publisher: Maximum Games/Modus Games
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Released: April 10, 2018
Copy bought

This is an absolute horror present of a recreation and I can’t advocate anyone purchase it and even settle for it without spending a dime. Sod this Attack on Titan ripoff.

Steam Isn’t Fine: Indie Game Performs 20 Times Better On Switch Than Steam

The Nintendo Switch is changing into the indie platform of selection whereas Steam Direct has turned Valve’s storefront right into a choked mess the place video games go to fail.

Source article: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2018/03/16/blossom-tales-developers-avoid-closing-thanks-to-switch-sales-after-poor-steam-showing.aspx
Source picture for Steam releases: https://u.cubeupload.com/0TCFhm.jpg