The Isle: Isla Nublar Fan Community The Predatory Peeky and Discord Outrage

I’ll now speak about Earth 2 and it is Phase 2 launch in addition to ShillTubers for over 26 minutes

Earth 2: Founder Shane Isaac Responds NO LAWSUIT And A Discussion About Tanner’s Lies

Dirty Devs: Earth 2 $4M Defamation Lawsuit Claimed Against Both Me and BigfryTV

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Defamation Complaints To Silence Critique

DMCA ABUSE WaterGotHim: The Next Alex Mauer False Copyright Strikes Numerous Channels

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 The Ponzi Scheme Cries Defamation

Dirty Devs: Earth 2 And The World Sized Digital Scam Game

A Scientist Plays: MASS EFFECT

Activision recordsdata lawsuit in opposition to Indie Dev over Call Of Duty Warzone Trademark

Riot Games Heavy Handed Shut Down Of Fan Made League of Legends Season 1 Project Chronoshift

EA Insider Leaked Documents: They Have Been Lying About Loot Box Manipulation in FIFA Ultimate Team

I Will Now Respond To Indie Game Developers Asking For Advice For About 17 Minutes

Corporats UPDATE: Discussion of the authorized points surrounding The Sinking City, Frogwares, and Nacon

Disney’s Bob Chapek is an fool

Corpo Rats: Nacon try to STEAL The Sinking City from Developer Frogware

Dirty Devs: ADHD Games DMCA Abuse and Weaponization of different Developers in opposition to Zaxtor99

CDPR Hacked by Ransomware, Attackers threaten to launch Cyberpunk 2077 & Witcher 3 Source Code

I’ll now focus on some feedback on my critique of Kallie Plagge and her Cyberpunk 2077 evaluate

Cyberpunk 2077: The 8MB Save File Corruption and why it could be taking place

Corpo Rats: CD Projekt Red – Cyberpunk 2077 lies, lawsuit, and outrage

Cyberpunk 2077 Kallie Plagge Review Controversy between IGN/Gamespot and The Quartering

The most up-to-date Anti-Creator actions of YouTube and Twitch – Theft and Apathy

I’ll now focus on how MrDalekJD and Filip Miucin Plagiarism could possibly be Copyright Infringement

Confirmed Plagiarist MrDalekJD – 4 extra plagiarism movies PLUS the doubtful apology

Confirmed Plagiarist MrDalekJD steals Call of Duty Black Ops Story script from Suggestive Gaming

CD Projekt Red delay Cyberpunk 2077 after going gold: No Controversy wanted

I’ll now talk about the Stadia Director claiming streamers ought to pay builders for about 20 minutes

Dirty Devs: Civilcontract and the Trademark take down request from Oversight Games

What occurred to SidAlpha? The return of the Snarky Ass

A Critique of Cuties (Mignonnes): The Review of the large Netflix bait film

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons False Advertising and Lack of Progress

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