The Isle: Isla Nublar Fan Community The Predatory Peeky and Discord Outrage

Earth 2: Founder Shane Isaac Responds NO LAWSUIT And A Discussion About Tanner’s Lies

Dirty Devs: Earth 2 $4M Defamation Lawsuit Claimed Against Both Me and BigfryTV

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Defamation Complaints To Silence Critique

DMCA ABUSE WaterGotHim: The Next Alex Mauer False Copyright Strikes Numerous Channels

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 The Ponzi Scheme Cries Defamation

Dirty Devs: ADHD Games DMCA Abuse and Weaponization of different Developers in opposition to Zaxtor99

I’ll now focus on some feedback on my critique of Kallie Plagge and her Cyberpunk 2077 evaluate

Corpo Rats: CD Projekt Red – Cyberpunk 2077 lies, lawsuit, and outrage

Cyberpunk 2077 Kallie Plagge Review Controversy between IGN/Gamespot and The Quartering

The most up-to-date Anti-Creator actions of YouTube and Twitch – Theft and Apathy

I’ll now focus on how MrDalekJD and Filip Miucin Plagiarism could possibly be Copyright Infringement

CD Projekt Red delay Cyberpunk 2077 after going gold: No Controversy wanted

I’ll now talk about the Stadia Director claiming streamers ought to pay builders for about 20 minutes

What occurred to SidAlpha? The return of the Snarky Ass

A Critique of Cuties (Mignonnes): The Review of the large Netflix bait film

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons False Advertising and Lack of Progress

The Exclusively Games Impersonator Gaming News Site: Trademark Infringement

From Dirty Devs to Diamond: The REDEMPTION of Hell of Men Blood Brothers by Whacky Squad Studio

Dirty Devs UPDATE News: Starclaw Developer Apology (Nonpology) over DMCA Abuse

Dirty Devs: Starclaw Indie Game DMCA Takedown Threats over Negative Game Review

Dirty Devs: Futurtech and Pago Forest Review Manipulation (WARNING: May comprise Boobs)

Discussing Questions about unfavorable YouTube Content on Gaming News

A Discussion in regards to the Denuvo Anti Cheat Controversy in DOOM Eternal

The state of deceptive Games Journalism and Kotaku pressured ideology

Escape from Tarkov: Battlestate Games refund and cost again dispute

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons Update Part 3 Jao is a Disgrace to Indie Devs

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons Update Part 2 Censorship and Bullying

The Folly of Rachael Messer Gaming: The War of Sidward has begun

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons Update Part 1 – Jao Lies but once more

Dirty Devs Day of Dragons DMCA Abuse in opposition to IGP and SidAlpha

Dirty Esports Owner: Andrew Arbini, the Con Man of Regal Reserve

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