A Video Discussing That Horny TayTay Movie Getting Patched (The Jimquisition)


Cats, starring Taylor Swift and Idris Elba as horrible nightmares, is a superb instance of how motion pictures are beginning to resemble videogames when it comes to how they’re handled post-launch.

It was principally patched after it went to theaters, changed with a brand new model that modified results and efficiency timing. Combined with what Marvel has been doing with movies similar to Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, the idea of post-launch content material for motion pictures operating at theaters is getting very game-flavored.

The jokes about movies getting patches and DLC have all been made, however there is a critical level to be thought-about, particularly when it is predominantly fandom-centric motion pictures getting continuously fiddled with.

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The Box Office Flops of 2019! Not even Star Wars might save ticket gross sales!

The 12 months of 2019, regardless of motion pictures like Avengers Endgame and The Rise of Skywalker might save the field workplace

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Too White, Too Male & Too Straight! Ford vs Ferrari SLAMMED!

I am unable to even think about getting via life taking this method to every little thing. Ford vs Ferrari appears to be universally beloved, doing nice on the field workplace however yea…Get 10% off in the present day —WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AND RETURNS—by going to

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Star Wars DISASTER? Walk Outs Reported In Rise Of Skywalker Screenings

Obviously that is only a rumor however wow, if that is true the ending of the most recent Star Wars movie is admittedly going to make a ton of individuals very sad. I for one hope one of many “higher” reshoots will get put out for the sake of the fandom.


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Batwoman Bullying Critics By Claiming Our Videos! Please Spread The Word!

Obviously, I am unable to know for certain nevertheless it looks like the crew over at WB is making an attempt to silence critics by claiming their movies. Either that or they desperately want cash for promoting Batwoman & Supergirl. HUGE Ups To Manscaped For Supporting Our Channel! Grab Your Kit Today! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code QUART20 at http://MANSCAPED.com http://bit.ly/2P4QBKs


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The Sonic Movie Is SAVED! A VICTORY For Fandoms Worldwide! Sonic The Hedgehog 2020

This is a HUGE win for fandoms. We had a director and film studio (paramount) really hearken to Sonic The Hedgehog trailer complaints!


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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Details & Lady Ghostbusters RAGE

Ghostbusters 3 (Afterlife) is shaping as much as be the sequel/reboot all of us wished however there are some considerations.


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Media Blames Men Emma Watson Is Self Partnered & They Worship Her

We all know the articles that might be written if emma watson was a person, as a substitute the media journeys throughout themselves to worship her for it


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Enough With The Gender Swapped Reboots! They Stink & NOBODY Wants Them!

Who is asking for a Rocketeer Reboot? Who is asking for a Zorro Reboot? NOBODY! On prime of that who the heck is asking for them to be gender swapped? I can not look forward to these to fail!

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Tankfest! Watchmen, Batwoman & Supergirl Hit Record Lows! 😄 Total Collapse!

Television has lastly been seeing the outcomes of woke agenda and The Watchmen on HBO, Supergirl & Batwoman on The CW all proceed to tank! Get Woke Go Broke
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Joker Sequel Imminent & SJW’s Lose Their Minds! Movie Makes 1 Billion Dollars!

The Joker Movie goes to move 1 billion {dollars} and nearly everybody agrees {that a} sequel is going on, even Joaquin Phoenix & Director Todd Phillips. Some People nonetheless are somewhat salty.


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Terminator: Dark Fate KILLED The Franchise! Massive Loss

Hollywood has declared Terminator: Dark Fate a whole IP failure. It’s set to lose as a lot as 130 Million {dollars} for quite a lot of causes. Let’s check out why


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