FTC offers ISPs The proper to dam or throttle web purposes so long as they disclose it

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Net Neutrality: ISPs Can Throttle And Block Content So Long As They Admit It

There’s a lot bollocks happening on the earth that one can simply overlook all of the issues now we have to fret about. Net Neutrality is one such factor, and it not too long ago got here up once more because of the FTC debunking one of many FCC’s favourite claims.

The frauds on the FCC claimed web neutrality’s spirit would nonetheless be upheld by an FTC primed to police throttling, blocking, and discrimination of content material by service suppliers. The FTC’s energy was exaggerated.

It seems ISPs can do lots of what web neutrality guarded towards, as long as they do not lie about it. If they admit someplace upfront that they’re going to pull some crap, they will pull the crap.

Kind of takes among the wind from the sails of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade.

Source: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/04/ftc-confirms-isps-can-block-and-throttle-as-long-as-they-disclose-it

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THE END OF FAIR USE & A TAX ON LINKS (YES REALLY) #DeleteArt13 #SaveYourInternet

Article 13, if it passes will basically be the top of honest use and can set a daunting precedent all of us want to concentrate on

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The FCC Chairman Acts Like A Weird Idiot


FCC spamdroid Ajit Pai is doing victory laps for a battle he hasn’t gained but. Let’s have a look at his embarrassing troll video and be ashamed of our species collectively.

SCIP Rewind ⏮ – A Keter SCP-049 ?! + A New SCP-682 Theory! + Video catch-up!

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After Net Neutrality: A LIst of States Are Suing The FCC

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FCC Votes To Kill Net Neutrality

The FCC did what we anticipated them to do and rolled over for the lobbyists of Verizon, AT&T and people scumbags at Comcast.

Most of us – save for a handful of firms and their self-defeating lapdogs – severely dislike this, however what individuals need would not matter, apparently.

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greater than 10 mill & Net Neutrality

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Corsair Could Be Purchased for $500 Million USD

Verizon says it is probably not making an attempt to throttle Netflix site visitors, simply testing