A Video Discussing That Horny TayTay Movie Getting Patched (The Jimquisition)


Cats, starring Taylor Swift and Idris Elba as horrible nightmares, is a superb instance of how motion pictures are beginning to resemble videogames when it comes to how they’re handled post-launch.

It was principally patched after it went to theaters, changed with a brand new model that modified results and efficiency timing. Combined with what Marvel has been doing with movies similar to Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, the idea of post-launch content material for motion pictures operating at theaters is getting very game-flavored.

The jokes about movies getting patches and DLC have all been made, however there is a critical level to be thought-about, particularly when it is predominantly fandom-centric motion pictures getting continuously fiddled with.

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SCiP Rewind ⏮ #4 – SCP Patches on Etsy! + SCP-3008 Multiplayer + SCP-450 Game within the Works?

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SCiP Rewind #4 – SCP Patches on Etsy! + SCP-3008 Multiplayer + SCP-450 Game within the Works?

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Final Fantasy And Patchwork Narratives (The Jimquisition)


Square Enix has a roadmap of great post-launch updates to Final Fantasy XV, going as far as to pledge complete narrative additions.

The concept of patching in additional story is attention-grabbing, and in FFXV’s case it is even admirable. There is a draw back to it, nevertheless, one which we must be conscious of.

SLAIN: BACK FROM HELL – A Promise Fulfilled

Long overdue, I revisit Slain after an initially poor launch. The changes made since then are… Jimpressive.

Store link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/369070/

Oh, Someone Fucked A PC Port Up Again (The Jimquisition)


It’s 2016. If you can’t get a PC version of your game running to a satisfactory degree by now, you’re an absolute failure and you should just sod off.

Truly, shit like the recent Tales of Symphonia nonsense has gotten far beyond a joke.

Read Durante’s article here: http://www.pcgamer.com/broken-pc-ports-like-tales-of-symphonia-are-unacceptable/