How to Build a SARLACC PIT (with SCIENCE)

You may suppose Star Wars’ sarlacc monster is fairly lazy, because it spends most of its life on the backside of a gap ready for meals to fall in its maw. It seems that it is truly a really intelligent engineer — and Kyle has the physics to show it!

Making a Sarlacc Ball Pit | Because Science Footnotes

Kyle designs a Star Wars-themed ball pit, responds to your feedback, and extra!

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Film Theory: The Uncomfortable Truth in regards to the Jedi Order (Star Wars: Jedi are Evil)

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Watching again all of the outdated Star Wars films in preparation for episode 9, Rise of Skywalker, dropped at my consideration one thing VERY troubling. The Jedi are terrible! Now, do not pull out your lightsabers simply but. There is SO MUCH proof pointing to the Jedi having some shady practices, particularly relating to the Padawans. Strap it tight, Theorists. I’m about to tear open all of the troublesome truths in regards to the Jedi Order.

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Job Listing Reveals Jedi Fallen Order Sequel

Respawn proceed to avoid wasting EA’s damaged popularity.

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Star Wars MESS! New Rise Of Skywalker Leaks CONFIRM Many Details

A brand new leak appears to verify every little thing through confirming the wayfinder is actual and Rey will head to search out palpatine. Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker journeys into theatres December 20th.


Star Wars Journo BUSTED! They DO NOT Care About Women, Only Clicks!

Star Wars followers universally are having fun with The Mandalorian. Disney has the one present that is going to convey followers to Disney Plus Verify Out Nord VPN! Save 81% at or use a code thequartering & get two wonderful presents: four further months with the 3-year plan and the NordPass password supervisor app without cost (value $194.61)!

Star Wars PANIC! Rise Of Skywalker Leaks Paint Bleak Picture

Disney MUST get Rise of Skywalker right to safe the way forward for star wars. So far the films have made loads of cash however have not been nice. Check Out Nord VPN! Save 81% at or use a code thequartering & get two superb presents: four further months with the 3-year plan and the NordGo password supervisor app at no cost (value $194.61)!


Episode #6 | Absolute Carnage Finale, The Mandalorian Assault, & More

Arris and Tim talk about Donnie Cates’ Absolute Carnage collection and the way it might impact Marvel Comics going ahead, in addition to that epic Mandalorian battle sequence from Episode #3 “The Sin”, Watchmen updates, and extra.

-Matter Timecode Index-
Absolute Carnage and The way it would possibly have an effect on the Marvel Universe – 01:00
When Mandalorians Assault – 17:00
Star Wars Episode IX Leaked Script – 32:20
The Batman casting of John Turturro as Carmine Falcone – 38:24
There’s one thing lacking from HBO’s Watchmen – 47:04
The Strolling Useless Season 10 mid-season Finale – 56:15

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The Mandalorian DESTROYS The Concept Of Star Wars “Toxic Fandom”

Star Wars followers are among the most passionate followers round, in truth some could say they’re the MOST rabid however for years their criticisms have been ignored by calling them poisonous..till at the moment


Gamers Have SPOKEN: The Anti Player BS Has LOST | Can EA Learn?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a refreshingly ‘regular’ sport – one thing that feels rarer and rarer, as extra corporations chase dwell service income.

Fallen Order Breaks Data
Respawn Need To Maintain Telling The Story
Dan’s Tweet

UK Gross sales Charts

UK Charts 23/11/19 – COD: Modern Warfare reclaims the top spot from Pokémon Sword & Shield

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Baby Yoda SMEARED To Justify Rey As Mary Sue In Rise Of Skywalker! Star Wars News

Nobody with any actual information of Star Wars disagrees that Rey is a Mary Sue. Which is okay, it would not spoil the films, dangerous writing does. It’s enjoyable to look at Star Wars shills journey over themselves to defend Rise Of Skywalker although.


Star Wars Director DEMANDS You Enjoy His Trash Or Be Quiet About It! JJ Abrams Responds

Star Wars director responds to the fandom menace, george lucas and extra. It would appear if you happen to do not like the brand new star wars films he would count on you to maintain that to your self. 🙂


Game Theory: Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)

Because of EA for sponsoring this video. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is offered now on XBOX, PC and PS4. Test it out right here:  

Certainly one of my favourite fictional worlds is Star Wars and with the launch of Star Wars: Fallen Order I knew it was time to cowl a subject I’ve wished to do for YEARS! It is time to discuss the Force. Anybody who has seen certainly one of the motion pictures or performed certainly one of the video games needs they may use the Force. Think about with the ability to elevate objects, do loopy acrobatics and even sluggish time like in Star Wars: Fallen Order! Right this moment, I need to look at how the Force Sluggish in the new sport helps crack the key to grasp the science behind the Force. Get your lightsabers prepared, Theorists!

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The TRUTH About MINECRAFT’s World! ►►
The END of Princess Peach! ►
Minecraft’s Ending, DECODED! ►►
Mario Kart 8, Mario’s SCARIEST Game? ►
What’s Diamond Armor Price IRL? ►►

Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Dan “Cybert” Seibert, and Tyler Mascola
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Progressive Twitter & Anita Sarkeesian Hate The Mandalorian

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Star Wars Fans HITPIECE! The Mandalorian Used To Smear!

Every time you could have a serious launch the grifters trying to peddle outrage are fast in hits heels however with the Mandalorian, it is an entire new stage.