These Pokemon are HUNTING Humans! | The SCIENCE of… Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The discharge of Pokemon: Sword and Shield has introduced on a plethora of recent Pokemon. Particularly, numerous candy, dessert themed Pokemon. Muffins, ice cream, milk – oh my! As we speak, Austin is specializing in one which may be essentially the most DANGEROUS Pokemon the video games have ever had.- Alcremie. What makes this cute pocket monster so harmful? Let’s discover out!

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Game Theory: Pokemon – Why Pikachu is SHOCKINGLY Terrible! (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

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We’ve talked earlier than concerning the science behind Fire Pokemon. Today I’m turning my Theorist eye in the direction of a special sort – Electric! Throughout the sequence we see Pikachu zap Ash and lots of others with its assaults. It obtained me questioning – how highly effective is Pikachu? Or any Electric sort? Well, whenever you have a look at the science, the reply could SHOCK you!

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