The Isle: Isla Nublar Fan Community The Predatory Peeky and Discord Outrage

I’ll now speak about Earth 2 and it is Phase 2 launch in addition to ShillTubers for over 26 minutes

Earth 2: Founder Shane Isaac Responds NO LAWSUIT And A Discussion About Tanner’s Lies

Dirty Devs: Earth 2 $4M Defamation Lawsuit Claimed Against Both Me and BigfryTV

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Defamation Complaints To Silence Critique

Dirty Devs UPDATE: Earth 2 The Ponzi Scheme Cries Defamation

Dirty Devs: Earth 2 And The World Sized Digital Scam Game

Delusions of Moral Crisis – Abolish The Mass Effect Space Police

Activision recordsdata lawsuit in opposition to Indie Dev over Call Of Duty Warzone Trademark

Riot Games Heavy Handed Shut Down Of Fan Made League of Legends Season 1 Project Chronoshift

The DUMBEST Esports Scam Yet

EA Insider Leaked Documents: They Have Been Lying About Loot Box Manipulation in FIFA Ultimate Team

I Will Now Respond To Indie Game Developers Asking For Advice For About 17 Minutes

Corporats UPDATE: Discussion of the authorized points surrounding The Sinking City, Frogwares, and Nacon

Corpo Rats: Nacon try to STEAL The Sinking City from Developer Frogware

Dirty Devs: ADHD Games DMCA Abuse and Weaponization of different Developers in opposition to Zaxtor99

WE’RE BACK | CDPR’s Legal Nightmare, The RETURN Of Lucasfilm, EA FIGHT Take-Two & MORE!

I’ll now focus on some feedback on my critique of Kallie Plagge and her Cyberpunk 2077 evaluate

Cyberpunk 2077 Kallie Plagge Review Controversy between IGN/Gamespot and The Quartering

CD Projekt Red delay Cyberpunk 2077 after going gold: No Controversy wanted

I’ll now talk about the Stadia Director claiming streamers ought to pay builders for about 20 minutes

Dirty Devs: Civilcontract and the Trademark take down request from Oversight Games

What occurred to SidAlpha? The return of the Snarky Ass

Zoe Quinn Out For VENGENCE!

Ubisoft FORCED To Apologize…For ABSURD Reason…

Leafy BANNED By Twitch & Destiny Kicked Out Of Partner Program! Everything We Know

Dirty Devs: Day of Dragons False Advertising and Lack of Progress

Kotaku UK Goes out of enterprise and is being shut down!!

Suspected Money Laundering: The case of the $200 Steam Games

The Isle Game: Responding to Comments and Critics over the Dirty Devs Video

Dirty Devs: The Isle Game and the Not So Dandy Dondi

The Flash Crash of Gaming By Executive Order

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