Unbox Therapy ADMITS It! Strikes Down Evidence! Cellphone Case Mess

Look Unbox Therapy, we get it, you reverse engineered your cellphone case to make a fast buck, that is tremendous however what’s not tremendous is abusing DMCA to hid it.


Blizzard BLASTED Over Questionable Charity Tactics & New WOW Pet

Blizzard appears to be spending ALOT of trim growing issues for Charity this time of 12 months and it is elevating alot of considerations for gamers.


RIOT Pays 10 Million Settlement TO ALL Female Employees

Well I’d say it is a good day to be a feminine worker of RIOT video games as if in case you have each labored for them since 2014 you might be getting a bit of money for “causes”


Legacy Media LIES About Youtubers COPPA Fears & Takes Joy In Our Fears

The legacy media goes out of it is option to mis-represent the fears of Youtubers over COPPA and to obviously take pleasure within the considerations of struggling youtubers.


Spicy Cyberpunk 2077 News! Shorter Than Witcher 3 But More Fun?

Cyberpunk 2077 comes out in just some months and the web can hardly take the wait. We acquired some new cyberpunk information through a fan meetup so right here it’s.


Youtuber Spreads DISGUSTING Lies About Me! The WORST of the WORST!

Wedge (Anthony) From The Mana Source makes a DISGUSTING declare about me. This 200Okay subscriber simply made a disgusting declare about me and I’ll debunk.


The Stadia Dumpster FIRE Rages On With New Levels Of Failure

Google Stadia, the service no one needed and no one purchased continues to look hilariously unhealthy. Go to https://Surfshark.deals/quartering – Enter promo code QUARTERING for 83% off and three extra months without spending a dime!


Kotaku MELTDOWN! Mean Comments Are TOO MUCH!

Well, I do know a softy once I see em and this dude is 10 ply smooth, perhaps even 20 ply smooth. Covering video video games is severe enterprise. 🙂 Relax my baby.


Google Stadia LYING & Deleting Evidence! A Gender Neutral Controller (Obviously)

Google Stadia continues to have a VERY tough launch and now apparently they’re pandering too? Yikes, possibly get your video games working?


Youtube RESPONDS To COPPA & Gaming Concerns

Youtube has lastly replied to us creators on COPPA in addition to how they deal with gaming movies and neither reply is instilling a lot religion.


PewDiePie BLASTS Perpetually Offended Disingenuous Critics

I’ve to confess, for as a lot junk as Pewdiepie takes, a few of it’s in fact self inflicted, it is at all times nice to see him strike again when individuals are simply flat out mendacity about him. HUGE Ups To Manscaped For Supporting Our Channel! Grab Your Kit Today! Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code QUART20 at http://MANSCAPED.com http://bit.ly/2P4QBKs